An atypical conference for open-source .NET developers.

What is .NET Fringe?

.NET Fringe is a new kind of conference and community, focused on .NET developers who are breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries. The .NET platform is more interesting today than it ever has been.

The .NET OSS community has been creating new, really exciting, and innovative projects which are changing the landscape. Our community actively contributes to OSS, collaborating with giants such as Microsoft, Xamarin, and others, and hosts a huge number of important projects on GitHub. We are defining the future!

Building Community

We are now on our third year of .NET Fringe and are happy to see our community growing steadily. With over 1000 subscribers on our mailing list and more than 200 active users in Slack, our community is dialed in and energized.

Lives have been changed from the experiences our attendees have had at the conference. We feel that we are creating something special through both the experience of the events as well as the sustaining sense of community after the events.


Alena Hall -> @lenadroid

CFP Czar

Glenn Block -> @gblock

Sponsorship Coorindator

Sara Ford -> @saraford

Communications Director

Adron Hall -> @adron

Activies Director

Troy Howard -> @thoward37

Super Genius


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