Bike Crew Ride!

Everything you need to know about joining, which is free, you'll just need to snag a bike right before!
Don't fret though, this is PDX and there are bikes everywhere, even growing on trees!

Getting a Bike

To pick up a bike to use for the ride, and you don't have one to borrow in the Portland area, check out these awesome options.

If you just want a bike solely for this ride, you might find it easiest to get one of the Portland bike share bike's in the Biketown PDX System. To checkout locations to pickup bikes, give the Biketown Map a look..

The Route

Our ride will follow a route that is mapped out using the app Strava.
To check out the route map check out the map on Strava.

If you've got any fancy pants stuff for import of the mapping data I've exported the *.tcx and *.gpx files for you.

Starting Point

The following is a Google Maps Streetview of the starting location.
We are meeting in front of Pine Street Market.

The bike ride will be after workshops on Sunday.
We'll leave at 5pm, 1 hour after the workshops end.
We'll then cruise out from the initial meetup location.

Along The Way

We have a selection of three beer-oriented establishments we'll also be stopping at for about 10-15 minutes each. Each of these locations is currently a secret but are chosen from a list of Adron's favorite beer joints.

You can expect a wide variety of trivial knowledge (for free!) about the city of Portland to be dispensed along with some proverbial bits about tasty beer, biking, and other random information.

End of Ride

The ride will take about 90 minutes in total, including stops. We will end the ride at the Mission Theater at roughly 7pm.

This is super convenient because the Welcome Reception starts at 7pm at the Mission Theater! =D =D