However, let @Adron know and you can still join us on the train. The train still has some availability, you'll just have to purchase your own ticket. Read on for train details and buy your ticket here if you'd still like to ride with us.

The Train

The train we'll be taking together is the Amtrak Cascades #507 train, departing from King Street Station on Saturday in Seattle, Washington. If you're intending to board from a different station other than King Street Station and @Adron has not contacted you, ping him on the Twitters and we'll be sure to sync up!

At King Street

When you come down to King Street Station to join the crew, be sure to enter the actual station and don't enter via the Sounder steps, as that will put you on the wrong platform.

Your Conductor: @Adron

Once inside the station, look for the group, or more specifically just look for @Adron. He'll be rocking an Amon Amarth Hoodie with Mjölnir and likely some freakish glasses, so he'll stick out as he regularly does.

Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the 2:10pm departure at King Street Station so we can organize and board at the same time.

Adron Hall -> @adron

Geek Train Conductor

Boarding Enroute

If you are NOT boarding at King Street Station in Seattle:

Bring your passport (or ID, whichever is appropriate) and state you have a reservation under your name. They will have your ticket reservation available for you.

Adron will also have physical copies of your tickets available at King Street Station and for anybody boarding south of Seattle in addition to the ticket you will retrieve at the station.

End of The Line

We will arrive at 6pm at Portland's Union Station. This station is conveniently located in Portland's Old Town/Chinatown District, and is right next to a MAX line as well as many bus lines. Most of the downtown area hotels are only a short walk or light-rail train ride away.

Have fun, get some rest, and we'll see you at 8am Sunday morning!